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Install using ESP GUI

1. Downloading the firmware bin file

You can find precompiled .bin files on the release page. Be sure to download the latest version. This file looks something like this:


If you are not sure what binary you should use look at this page: What binary should I use?

2. Downloading the Flash Download Tools

Espressif has an official GUI tool for Windows. It has a lot of options and can be used for the ESP8266 and ESP32. You can find it on Espressif's download page here! (if the link changed, just search for esp flash download tool on Google)

Downloadpage screenshot

After downloading the file, unzip it and start flash_download_tools_v3.6.8.exe.

3. Flashing the firmware bin files

After starting flash_download_tools_v[...].exe there should pop up two small windows. Now just click on the Developer Mode andESP8266 DownloadTool button. Now a new window opens.

  • Under the SPIDownload section select the WLED_[...]_ESP[...].bin file by clicking on the first ... button
  • In the Textfield next to the "@" char put in this adress: 0x0
  • Than make sure that the file is checked (click on the checkbox)
  • Click on the Default button
  • Set SPI Speed to 80Mhz
  • Set Flash Size to 32Mbit
  • Select the COM Port of your ESP (usually it's not COM1)
  • BAUD can be set to 921600
  • Verify that everything looks like the two picture below °ESPTool settings

  • (optionally) click on ERASE to erase the entire flash chip

  • click on START

Now the firmware will be flashed to the ESP. When the firmware flashing was successful you see this: Succesful finish. Finally restart your board.

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