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Don't know yet how to solder? Unsure how to connect your LEDs safely? How to find the perfect power supply?
No worries, we have collected a few helpful links for you to learn more about these and more topics:

WLED specific tutorials

Resource Maker Type Info
Beginner's guide to freak'n cool Holiday LEDs DrZzs Video (23:22) Excellent guide for getting started with WLED!
How to Set Colors and Effects, Save Presets, Make Sync Groups, add a Button, & Macros for Scheduling DrZzs Video (23:39) Learn about some cool additional WLED features!
Make your LEDs dance to music! DrZzs Video (11:30) How to install LedFx and connect it to WLED for quick sound reactive effects!
Getting started with WLED tynick Article Complete and excellent guide on how to flash and get WLED up and running!
How to Compile WLED (from scratch) Quindor Video (02:15:00) How to compile WLED yourself from scratch (most info in first 30 minutes)
WLED with QuinLED-Dig-Uno Install Tutorial Quindor Video (11:13) Initial flash and setup of WLED on QuinLED-Dig-Uno board
Integrating WLED into Home Assistant Quindor Video (8:22) How to use a WLED node in Home Assistant
Holiday LEDs Step-by-step with WLED & Home Assistant KPeyanski Video (20:38) Complete and great wiring, installation and HA setup tutorial
HOW-TO: Holiday LED Strip Lights, Home Assistant and WLED KPeyanski Article Same as the above video, but in text form!
Smart Ping Pong LED Lamp - Quick&Simple DIY bitluni Video (18:19) Construction, wiring and flashing of a cool looking and easy to make lamp
Инструкция на русском: Как прошить WLED и LED FX в ESP01 Пример применения WLED: Бесконечный зеркальный туннель внутри столика IKEA Lack Alchemist Video (9:16) / Video (13:09) Прошивка, установка необходимых драйверов и демонстрация режимов работы. Пример электронной схемы.
ESP8266 based LED controller for WS2812b strip. WLED Firmware + OpenHAB (in Russian) Room31 Video (17:04)
How to use WLED on an ESP32 (german) Bitbastelei/Adlerweb Video (11:00)
DIY Ambilight using WLED and a Relay jangrewe Article Wiki page with schematics and instructions for Hyperion, etc.
Adding Smarts and Color to an IKEA Lamp apop880 Article Tutorial on upgrading a basic IKEA lamp with WLED

Digital LED knowledge

Resource Maker Type Info
Adafruit NeoPixel Überguide Adafruit Article Everything that's important at a glance. Highly recommended for newcomers to digital LEDs
Digital LED Power Usage Quindor Article/Spreadsheet/Video Helps you plan the power usage of your installation
Power calculation and injection live stream Quindor Video (2:24:52) Tons of great questions and answers. Live calculations, drawings, 5v vs 12v, strip comparisons, etc.
Difference between LED strip types The Hook Up Video (14:41) What is the best LED strip for your project?
7 Common LED Strip FAILS and How To Avoid Them The Hook Up Video (12:14) Make your project look much better!
Power Injection demystified Spiker Lights Article What is power injection and how much do I need?
Common(sharing) Ground / Multiple power supplies Article When using more than one power supply.

Tools & Skills

Resource Maker Type Info
How to Solder Beauty and the Bolt Video (9:50)
Soldering new leads to LED strip Quindor Video (8:24)
Soldering Tutorial Part 2 EEVblog Video (34:05) Detailed tutorial on soldering, see parts 1 and 3 for even more info)
Voltage Drop Calculator Tool
Another Voltage Drop Calculator Tool
Pixel/Bullet Voltage Drop Calc Tool 5 and 12V
Combined Wire Gauge Calculator Tool
Wire Size/Ampacity Tool Use chassis wiring

Add more categories as needed :)